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See What Show, week of 10 July 2007. Robots in disguise! Woman in chains! Girl turns Grim Reaper! Reviews of Transformers, Black Snake Moan, and the tv series on dvd, Dead Like Me.

Listen to specific reviews:
Part 1: Transformers

Part 2: Black Snake Moan

Part 3: Dead Like Me

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Shownotes for week of 10th July 2007:
00:36 - What’s Showing This Week - Die Hard 4.0, Hot Fuzz, The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros.

03:51 - Transformers IMDB

Transformers Megan

11:30 - Black Snake Moan IMDB Amazon

Black Snake Moan

16.07 - Dead Like Me IMDB Amazon (Season 1) Amazon (Season 2)

Dead Like Me

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Reader Comments

The cassette tape robot was called “Shockwave”, not “Soundwave”. I think it got sold off to the Karang Guni. And that robot that infiltrated Air Force One was Frenzy a.k.a. Rumble. He used to be the cassette tape robot that can cause earthquakes. (

I think they are refering to the tape recorder “Soundwave”…

So who is shockwave?

Hello mrbrown & friends,

Responding to “Transformers”.

1) About mrbrown & MovieMama protesting why “Earth always kena” by aliens, and not, say, Mars, do note that in the space footage that Section 7 showed our young heroes, the robots hit Mars first — that’s why they lost the Rover not long after landing (squished like a bug).

2) I think that the Autobot relationships were so well developed, there was not enough space & time for Megatron to develop his magnificent villainy — you can only pack so much stuff in even a long story.

3) I’m actually impressed with the intelligent, tenacious, resourceful group of surviving soldiers in the movie, who survived as a relatively intact unit.
They fought tirelessly & fearlessly against superior technology & overwhelming force, displaying the best of what it means to be human heroes.
Just the right coincidence too: the movie opening weekend days back, was also our SAF Day / Youth Day / 40 years of National Service one.

4) About Michael Bay characterising robots better than people: maybe he does it well, only when allowed to immersed in his techie toys: boom-bah explosions, loud fight scenes, cool gizmos & gadgets! Ha ha!
But for me, Transformers’ success also lies in its also being another Spielberg production.
You know: fun & learning for the whole family.
If you remember War of the Worlds, AI, ET, …

erm, that radio is not shockwave.

it’s frenzy. And he can speak hokkien! refer to the scene where he infiltrates the facility with megatron imprisoned, he moved on to tap furiously on the computers and towards the end of the scene he blurted out “buay hiao kin”

here’s the wiki

oi mustafa not mus safa la! lolz

Dead like me used to show late at night a couple of years ago.

dead like me was on channel i

‘Closer’ is a good character-driven show. Do review that.

hi i enjoyed the read