See What Show: Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Hula Girls, Four Eyed Monsters

Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer

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See What Show, week of 26 June 2007. We bring you a blockbuster, a foreign film and an indie movie. Reviews of Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Hula Girls and Four Eyed Monsters.

Listen to specific reviews:
Part 1: Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Part 2: Hula Girls

Part 3: Four Eyed Monsters

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Shownotes for week of 26th June 2007:
00:29 - What’s Showing This Week - Transformers, Surf’s Up, Die Hard 4.0

02:50 - Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer IMDB

Fantastic Four 2

08:00 - Hula Girls IMDB

Hula Girls

11:40 - Four Eyed Monsters IMDB

Four Eyed Monsters

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Reader Comments

mrbrown & friends,

Didn’t mean to be the first to comment, but here goes:

I grew up with on & off contact with Fantastic 4, so I haven’t become so fanboy that I deplore this latest movie’s depiction of Galactus.
This means that I am “new” enough to this bunch of heroes & villains, to welcome Galactus the space debris cloud.

This can still turn out to be good for the Marvel franchies, as a new generation of Fan 4 lovers, without prior links to or baggage from the past, gets drawn in.
But I think the Stan Lee cameo (”but I’m Stan Lee!”), though a funny surprise, was still done quite lame.

And I’ve been noticing, Steve, in your appearances here on SWS, or back there with the mrbrown show: you do sound a lot like the mysterious Mr Tan: are you both related, or even the original one & the same?

OMG!! thanks SOOOO much for introducing four eyed monsters..!! its juz so….creative and so so real…totally enjoyed the film…! sad that i won’t be able to share this with my bf. he’d find it too slow.. =(

Mrbrown, there’s a problem with downloading the entire podcast, it plays last week’s review. The individual reviews are normal though.

hi vanessa, so glad you like the film. isn’t it incredibly touching? well, if your boy isn’t into these sort of films, share it with your girlfriends then! catch ya next week chica.


Sorry Moch!! It’s fixed now. =)

Thanks for dropping by!

i wouldn’t say touching. but can totally relate. n what’s even more amazing would be that they were able to bring that life into film so vividly and have so much good come out of it for both of them.

found the group on facebook (four eyed monsters) n even arin crumley’s page..! bimbotic speaking:” i think he’s cute!” haha..anyways,

juz thought i’d let u know that your film has been introduced to and is watched in singapore..! =)

ps. pls say u aint ignorant enough to not know where singapore is..! =)

Arin Crumley:
I know where it is, have had a few people contact us from there.
In fact someone wants to put on screenings there.

is it true?? =) i don’t get exposed to this sort of indie/feature film information in singapore that much. i’ll admit i’m quite a rookie with these small time movies (made by really talented individuals)..! =P

Truth be told, I much preffered the giant storm cloud depiction. It would have been a lot more campy and cheesy had it been a huge guy in a purple suit. I quite enjoyed the show anyhow.