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I was walking around City Link one evening and I saw one entire walkway devoted to the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

Now, I’m a big fan of the show (and of the ride when I was a kid) so naturally I take an extra few seconds to bask in the glory that is Johnny Depp (hey no one said that I wasn’t a fan of Johnny too).

My gaze traveled to the equally laudable supporting cast members and rested eagerly on the opening date: May 24th.

That’s when I saw this:

Welcome to Singapore?! lol..I knew that National Pride would be dragged into this since I saw the trailer and there was a very bald Chow Yun Fatt saying that, but seeing it splashed across a two walls in City Link is vastly different.

Either the writer has a thing for Singapore or we’re really that erm…exotic. lol

Imagine if he talked about a neighbouring another country, they’d probably ban it. ;)

P/S For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer, I’ve put it below.

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Reader Comments

hey mb, you mean there is a Pirates of the Caribbean ride when u were small? what kind of ride was that? can describe it? sounds interesting… haha…

Tammi wrote this, but yes, there was a Pirates ride when I was a kid. Took it twice. You kinda sit on this boat and they take you into a tunnel with animatronic pirates on both sides. Quite fun.

Yep yep!

Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted House (starring Eddie Murphy) were both movies that were developed because of popular Disney rides.

The pirates ride was cute though. And at the end of it there’s a short plunge so the kids get a thrill. lol.

It’s one of those rides that every Disney has I think. If I remember correctly, Disney Japan has Pirates to…but in Japanese! =)

they revamped it with a Jack Sparrow figure, and a part of the second film was done inside the ride. If you look closely, you can recognise some of the pirates as animatronics. The film was based off the ride, as Tammi says, and it was a laughable concept at first. The Haunted Mansion failed miserably, so maybe it was Johnny Depp that helped it become more than just a ride movie.