See What Show: Next, 28 Weeks Later, and My Name is Earl

28 Weeks Later

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See What Show, week of 16 May 2007. Join Nic Cage and look into the future, get some Zombie lurve, and learn how to be a better person! Reviews of Next, 28 Weeks Later, and My Name is Earl!

Listen to specific reviews:
Part 1: Next

Part 2: 28 Weeks Later

Part 3: My Name is Earl

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Show Notes for Week of 16 May 2007:
00:54 - What’s Showing This Week - Spider-man 3, Priceless, Bridge to Terabithia

03:26 - Next IMDB


09:25 - 28 weeks later IMDB

28 Weeks Later

16:07 - My Name is Earl IMDB

My Name is Earl

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Reader Comments

LOL… Movie Mama…Movie Mama…*ROFL*

You have got to brush up on your hokkien! Haha!! “Cannot see” in hokkien would more be appropriate as “Kua Buay Dio”. Your “Kua Buay Lorh” would means “cannot bear to see it any further” (metaphorical sense).

mrbrown & friends,

Loving -See What Show- in increasing amounts, it grows on you (no, not the Rage virus!)

Yes, it has its “butt-gustingly” funny moments, and so far, I find refreshing, the reviewing & commenting freely (albeit responsibly, including myself), of the shows we love/not-love.

But back to the -mrbrown show- — it’s past mid-month, and are you still intending to re-play past favourites?

I believe we can understand if your busy schedule is too hectic to allow for it, but you could let us listeners know.

i cannot believe they edited that bit in. *slithers away*


but thankew for ur explanation MBuff… i do need hokkien lessons!


Actually I fell asleep watching 28 days later. Don’t even know what the show is about, feels like a pirated Resident Evil.

Don’t think 28 weeks later would be worth it, for me.

i love my name is earl

After Seinfeld, My Name is Earl is my fave sitcom. There’s no weak episodes yet, and hopefully not.

Karma… that’s good for you.