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    content, to resolve the moisture accumulation, to prevent mildew and corrosion of the floor. 4, environmentally friendly solid wood structure flooring using pure wood production, the use of the process for the most advanced along the natural texture of wood vertical cold pressing technology. 5, the track buckle installation pavement process, the solid wood structure floor with a relatively fixed track button installation method, each lock has a ton of tension, and

    "relatively fixed" design to avoid the "absolute fixed" after the installation Flooring cracking deformation and other issues, to achieve the installation of free nails, plastic, keel-free, more environmentally friendly and more stable. At the same time easy disassembly, will not cause damage to the floor, you can repeatedly use. Solid wood structure of the five characteristics of the floor, a small family on the inventory finished, and hope to understand the solid wood

    structure of the floor to help. For more information on the renovation of building materials, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Gangmu suite door is a kind of interior decoration for supporting the steel-wood structure of the suite door, anti-theft performance using the middle of the steel plate to achieve. What are the advantages of steel and wood sets of doors? What composition? Please see below Xiaobian introduction. First, the

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