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    and wind, so as to avoid the side is too dry or too wet and warping. However, in the over wind, furniture should not be exposed to the sun or air outlet, should be placed in a cool and dry place. Because excessive sunlight will damage the wood furniture materials, causing wood cracking or warping, so try to ensure that ancient furniture without exposure to sunlight, while maintaining its moderate drying.

    Maintenance method four: if used on furniture waxing year, will gradually lost luster, affect its appearance. Encounter this kind of circumstance, can floor wax, beeswax wait in sunshine or hearth bake soft, use old leather shoes, brush repeatedly, scratch, brush, so the brush is covered with a lot of small wax. Then use the wax particles were stained with the brush on the furniture repeatedly brush, this method is

    called "dry shake wax". After the "dry shake wax" treatment, lost luster furniture immediately "red face", more effective than female cosmetics. Can also use BILIZHU or floor wax wax directly to buy. One should note that should be carried out after completely removing dust, otherwise it will form a wax spot, or cause wear and scratches. Waxing, master, step by step from the shallower to the deeper, and the

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