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    or rotary cleaner can be used. For natural lacquer wood floors, water is not good for it, when cleaning to minimize excess moisture, scrub must be wrung. Oil burning wood floor to remove the black rubber the marks and other water can not be used to remove the blot soft cloth with a low concentration of alcohol or spirit removed. Maintenance method three: paint, use three or five years later, you can use the

    original paint floor of the same kind of paint, paint the floor again. Before painting in addition to dust detergent, using smaller water sand paper dipped in warm water, gently rub the face burnish, the residual oil, and remove paint last left the small grain paint. After sanding, wipe with clean cloth, then you can brush paint. This way, the painted floor will be smoother, cleaner and brighter. Maintenance method four:

    heat protection, if you encounter heating water leakage, wood floor water, it must be promptly cleaned, can not be directly exposed to sunlight or electric oven baking, so as not to dry too fast, the floor cracking. Solid wood flooring for a long time, do not use plastic cloth or newspaper cover, because a long time, the film will be sticky, lost luster. At the same time not to be the hot pot, hot pot and other

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