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    But if we choose to have paint furniture, then we have to pay attention to the choice of paint, do not choose too thick paint or too thin furniture, as long as moderate. The above content is small house to introduce the ancient boat wood furniture to buy four skills, I hope to help everyone to buy. If you want to know more of the boat wood furniture knowledge, welcome attention to the house decoration

    network.Ancient boat wood furniture has the advantages of beautiful appearance, high collection value, and now many ancient boat enthusiasts will be want to collect the old ship wood furniture, but they are often difficult to distinguish between true and false. Today Xiaobian to introduce six kinds of ancient wood furniture false method, hope is to help you identify the ancient ship wooden house. A knife: a lot of

    the old ship wood factory grinding out the length and breakdown of uneven trenches in the old ship wood plane, which mainly in the old ship wood furniture, a piece of the old ship wood in the middle, this is mainly for the old ship wood furniture is more rugged and irregular, usually clear the old ship wood without it a ditch, the old ship wood cracks is relatively normal, because on long sea seawater soaked up

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