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    Dalbergia cocobolo and Hainan yellow sandalwood, Hainan yellow rosewood (D.hainanensis.). Pear is the main timber hardwood furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, because of its color yellow, fine texture, texture soft, moist, sweet tobear is Qing builders dote on. Huanghua pear can also be made into a string of hands, fragrant fragrance. Popular with the public. Texture and color of Hainan pear hand

    string. Generally speaking, Huanghua pear is the texture of rosewood, the background of rosewood. The noble and elegant, sedate and perfect combination of the atmosphere is an important part of it. Lines such as to be the most changeful, ordinary people to freely flowing style of writing, gentle feeling; or irregular in the growth process of the formation of scar, be the most changeful "face", but not all have a

    pear. Yellow pear always has a touch of golden color, and a long time is purplish red, brown red color. Yellow pear hand string texture clear, elegant color. Huanghua pear furniture wood why is difficult to distinguish, rosewood furniture wood identification difficulties often from three aspects. First, and mahogany, regardless of dark yellow pear, if used for a long time, and the state of preservation is not good, at

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