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    • CommentAuthorquangongzi
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2017 edited

    decrease around what beaver board produces the contaminant in tail gas accuse, research purifies mechanism and technology of the key that reduce an amount, the crucial technology of explosion proof of dust of research and development and calamity. On the meeting, each expert was done in the light of the task special subject is reported and discuss. The problem that fulfils circumstance and existence to each unit task undertook analysis and guidance.

    As we have learned, the application of this task sets an example to be popularized with the technology, can promote the production of man-made board industry safe grade significantly, the environment that reduces man-made board trade pollutes a risk, drive traditional lumber industry to be mixed to green, safety but durative industry upgrades.

    Chinese lumber trades price index week judges: "Log " go up mostly raise " man-made " lose basically situation,Index of Chinese lumber price (CTI) aggregate index lasts horizontal dish, on November 28 - this one weekly will close 2237.69 a little bit on December 4, small drop 0.02% , clinch a deal the quantity lasts atrophic, decrease 7.52% .

    "composite decking crosssection view,Hollow Wood Plastic Composite Sheets,composite wood gardener bech"
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