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    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2017 edited

    wood floor than compound floor, draw materials of real wood floor is natural, appear more pity expensive. Floor of if real wood maintains undeserved, cause a bacterium easily also, Waterproof Composite Cladding For Villa Community the influence lives in an environment. Here, chinese wood floor is small make up remind: Keeping indoor and ventilated is to maintain real wood floor most economic method.

    Bedroom Real wood floor organic matter is contained a lot ofin aperture and warm moisture, become the breeding ground of harmful microbial breed very easily. After real wood floor uses period of time, white plastic fencing for patios the meeting in aperture produces a few kinds of ingredients that endanger health:

    It is mould above all, it can cause disgusting, vomiting, bellyacke to wait, serious when can cause respiratory tract and alvine path disease, be like asthmatic, dysenteric etc.

    It is dirt mite next, it is one of culprits that cause irritability disease.

    It is biology active material next, like pet scurfy, wool, saliva for the bacterium multiply offerred good condition. Still have even if but inspiratory grain content, Cost of 70 Feet Fencing the bacterium is adherent hang in air at these grain content, when them by human body inspiratory can catch a disease.

    Should prevent real wood floor to produce gap, shelter evil people and practices, tile over concrete pool deck must do good foundation work when real wood floor is installed, do very real wood The floor is moistureproof The job, keep indoor and ventilated.

    The expert reminds: Real wood floor needs often cleanness removes dust, besides, core of bedding, pillow and mattess should be washed frequently bask in frequently. Cloth art sofa had better be to divide this world every week, the armrest of sofa, cushion and aperture are the place that needs key cleanness. Still should cover the cloth of sofa every year tear open come down to be cleaned. When weather is sunny, should detachable the cushion that come down, cushion for leaning on take sunshine next insolating, kill mould in order to remove moisture.

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