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    • CommentAuthorquangongzi
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2016 edited

    Home customization and industry standards do not conflict Speaking of customization, product customization, tailored on-demand production, many consumers prefer custom products, at the same time, it can not help but composite panels for balcony railings become a market in the customization of furniture is difficult to uniform reasons. Therefore, some people say that custom furniture can not be "standardized", the characteristics of its personality, the standard seems to be out of the question.

    In fact, some consumers in the choice of home products on the "custom" prohibitive, in their view, if the latter part of the product is not satisfied with the want to change, even if it is to local adjustment may have to re-all.

    In fact, from a technical point of view, custom home furnishing companies can do if each furniture sheet mixed wood deck sale denmark has a similar bar code general electronic identification, with computer numerical control production line manufacturing capacity, to achieve local fine-tuning is not difficult. Familiar with the independent custom home furnishings Zhang Feng said that the custom home for a range of data that is considered after the user experience adjustments, such as for example, heavy clothing in winter, wardrobe Veranda Decking Price,Veranda Decking Exporters,Outdoor Decking Wholesale Too shallow will cause inconvenience to consumers; if the size is not right, the door suture lax, clothing will be damaged.

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