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    The use of which furniture placed in the home floor has a problem, the consumer first thought is not a problem with the quality of the floor, pavement is a problem, and Miss Leung by experts pointing to know that the original furniture placed inappropriate will also have problems. The end of December 2001, Miss Leung's room in the middle of the composite wood floor seams appeared 4mm cracks.

    Miss Liang is certainly a problem with the quality of the floor, they complained to the China Timber Circulation Association Flooring Committee. Experts in Miss Liang home survey carefully, that the problem is not out on the floor. As the dry climate in winter, coupled with heating baking, laminate flooring will appear the overall contraction, the general range is very small, will not affect the appearance and use. Miss Liang and the floor pavement parallel to the direction of the two sides of the wall, while placing a set of high-level audio equipment, the other placed a big wardrobe, wardrobe, there is a set of sofa.

    When the air is dry, the wooden floor as a whole shrink, the wall of the wooden floor was heavy weight can not shrink, had to concentrate on the central release of the room, so cracked a big hole. Experts suggest: in the dry climate of winter, it is best to maintain a certain degree of indoor humidity, or move the furniture move, do not put too heavy furniture too concentrated, so that the force even wood floor, there is room for breathing.

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