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    • CommentAuthorquangongzi
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2016 edited

    Besides hardware, management " software " the important safeguard that is quality safety likewise. Driving foreign company, the reporter saw from Guangdong high pay invited the professional handler Feng Yuangang that come this year in Feburary. 4 months come, his main job produces craft transition, product to update cedar vs thermally treated wood conformity of framework of innovation, organization and regulations system promotion to wait namely.

    The course is full an effort, product percent of pass from April 9 come into promotion 99% above. "Open ocean " it is country city contends for a reduction that achieves national cheap wall panelling interior level to export demonstrative division of safety of wooden door quality. 2014, guild leading success registers trade of this town door " course of study of country city door guild " area brand.

    Current, course of study of this town door already had a state company of new and high technology, 14 provincial science and technology medium and small businesses; wood sheet for sale Chinese well-known logo 1, zhejiang saves famous label 3, product of province famous brand 3, save famous firm 1; Carry business of quality system attestation 10.

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