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    A study by Principia Partners in 2003 found that there were 600 million kilograms of wood-plastic composites in the North American and Western European markets,How to Prevent Garden Wood-Plastic Fence from Aging while North America accounted for 85 percent of total demand. Flooring, handrails, doors and windows and other building materials in North America accounted for 80% of the demand for wood-plastic materials. In North America,[url=]PVC villa group fence[/url] other major market applications include floor laying (boardwalks and platforms), automotive components (vehicle dashboards and spare tire covers), and industrial and consumer goods (table, park bench and pad).

    In Western Europe the same survey shows that automotive materials accounted for more than half of the demand for wood-plastic composites,Light Weight Wearable Composite Wood Deck and building materials accounted for 30% of the market. Wood-plastic composites in North America and Western Europe is expected to 2010 annual growth of 14% and 18%. Wood-plastic composites are also popular in Asia, especially in Japan, wood-plastic materials in the platform,[url=]Safety outdoor WPC pavilion[/url] flooring, walls and interior furniture, and other aspects of the application of more and more popular.

    In the country, wood-plastic composite materials applications include: packaging, transport categories: pallets, military and civilian goods crates, glass crates, turnover box, inserted car pallets, storage pads, railway sleepers.[url=]Boat Floor Covering[/url] Landscaping categories: pavilions, chairs, fencing, and other municipal products. Vehicles ship categories: cars and other interior materials, fan enclosures, instrument planes and other components, such as ship interior and thermal insulation materials. Home decoration and construction: mobile homes, window frames, door panels, door rags, the courtyard PVC fence concrete formwork, stairs clap, walls, ceiling, decorative all kinds of profiles, flooring, furniture and other building materials.

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