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    The vibration system in the traditional roller on a wide range of applications, but easy to cause vibration of the surrounding environment. The compacting of the surface close to the laminate is easily excessive
    Oscillator system
    Oscillator system f load vibrator) from the central drive shaft and two co-rotating eccentric shaft composition. 2 eccentric axis of the phase difference of l8 ��. , A centrifugal force in the opposite direction is generated, and the torque thus formed is changed in the primary direction during the rotation of the vibrating shaft for one revolution. So that the steel wheel oscillation, this system from the design of the steel wheels on the ground E of the shear stress only on the surface (limited depth) or near the surface at the shadow port. , U-L; VO oscillator system on the environment with the vibration of the week to u / J ,. Can be carefully compacted thin layer and some special materials, but its depth of influence is limited. The existence of thick compaction and some difficult to compaction of the material will be difficult for the asphalt concrete compaction easy to make asphalt near the surface gathered,
    How the Variomatic System Works
    The intelligent plow roller incorporates the features of the two conventional systems described above. The vibrator consists of two counter-rotating eccentric shafts which can be used to adjust the direction of the centrifugal force by adjusting the phase angle of one shaft relative to the other. The corresponding changes. Geometric superposition of centrifugal force to form directional vibration. At the same time, the reaction force signal (the change of the stiffness of the pavement increased with the increase of compaction degree) received by the steel wheel in contact with the ground vibration is collected by the acceleration sensor located on both sides of the steel wheel. After analysis by the signal processing unit to the control cylinder, through the control cylinder to adjust the direction of the compaction force and the effective amplitude and when the B, j - ground reaction force to match. Thereby obtaining an optimum vibration compacting force which automatically adjusts steplessly according to the degree of compaction.
    Varioir ali c. The system automatically controls the roller compaction output index independent of the driver. Can automatically optimize the compaction parameters, thus greatly improving the compaction efficiency of the roller. .
    Machinery maintenance time
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