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    As Floor Be used by more and more families gradually, the floor also is in rapidder and rapidder ceaseless development. Spell beautiful floorIt is a kind of very welcome now floor, think adornment sex is stronger than common floor, the exterior is more beautiful, get so of a lot of consumer love. The classification that we introduce to spell beautiful floor for you below and maintain method. best price on external decking Spell the classification of beautiful floorThe structure can divide the basis to spell beautiful floor for real wood, three-layer spells beautiful floor, with compound floor spelling a flower, multilayer real wood spells beautiful floor. By exterior craft cent curve spells a flower (laser spells beautiful floor) , spell a flower point-blank (curium cut floor spelling a flower) , enchase type to spell beautiful floor, combination to spell a flower floor and mix join floor board spelling a flower. Spell a flower Wooden floor It is a kind of high indoor ground decorate material, cent monolayer, double deck and three-layer 3 kinds, both facing all is spent to go all out hardBoardLayer, double deck person lower level is wool ply, three-layer is statified it is material of watch board, scaleboard, core and backboard. Spell a flowerPlankChoose moreNortheast china ash, oak wood, walnut wood, oak wood, Yu wood, pagoda tree wood, Willow eucalyptus, Ma Bao Mu, maple, Teak, Black Hu Tao, the quality of a material such as acerbity branch degenerates admirably, not easily of craze hard miscellaneousLumber, with its easily the characteristic such as moderate of clean, wear well, avirulent insipidity, antistatic, price, get gradually the welcome of broad consumerThe curve spells a flowerThe curve spells a flower is to use computer to carve a technology, give model spelling a flower in the design in computer beforehand, reoccupy computer carves the floor board that gives fine figure. The curve spells beautiful modelling complex, beautiful and changeful, suit the laid of indoor small area very much, can match groovy floor undertakes laid, elegance of natural and graceful, riches and honour is easy. Suit ground core, Condole supports, Setting wallAdornment. america outdoor floor market Spell a flower point-blankSpelling a flower point-blank is to use the wood chip that has cut modelling of direct joining together, according to the color of different lumber, grain, can spell an a variety of modelling, each are so chic and colorful. Suit what indoor bedding face accumulates to use, can make the region, wall act the role ofing. The classification of floor spelling a flower and maintain methodSpell those who spend a floor to maintain1, after floor firm laid ends, often should maintain indoor airy current.
    2, exceed serious article to should be put aside smoothly put, Furniture All cannot go forcedly with the clog push-pull daggle, lest surface of cut wear-resisting layer.
    3, cannot blow with edge tool, delimit floor surface.
    4, the ten million in using cannot use leach bubble floor board, if have an accident, should use in time dry pull cloth to pull dry floor board.
    5, retain a floor board if surface of dry cleanness, floor has contamination, use commonly do not drip the tide of waterMopWipe can.
    6, prevent to the floor is roasted meat bake by cooking utensils and be out of shape.
    7, mat of foot of a loiter should be placed before the door, reduce sand to the floor wear away.
    8, with the floor special cleaner keeps clear of stain and besmirch. cheapest flooring for pavilion Cannot use the article cleanness that has scathing property, for example metallic tool, NylonAttrition is filled up and bleach be soiled pink.
    9, every other waxes to the floor for some time, time-interval is inspectedFloor lacquerThe face is bright and clean spend and decide, the method is do floor of dishcloth wipe up partly and be in candle daub equably floor surface, after waiting to work a bit, wipe with dry soft cloth, until flowing and bright till. Having disparate adornment effect with phyletic floor spelling a flower, spell the craft that because its are special,spends a floor, maintain the method also differs with common floor. Above spends floor sort and the introduction that maintain about going all out namely, hope this article is helped somewhat to you.
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