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    Out in the real Moncler Outlet Online world news is happening and here are the highlights.

    RNC closes with a terrifying Trump speech

    We in the liberal media have spent a year mocking and ridiculing Trump as a buffoon, but his speech on the closing night of the Republican National Convention was nothing to laugh about. Echoing the one that snagged Richard Nixon the presidency in 1968, it painted a bleak image of the present and played upon the fears of the electorate. It was the oldest trick in the far-right playbook and should fill any reasonable human being with utter terror. If youre American, dont be smug, go out and vote for Clinton, because a Trump victory would be nothing short of a tragedy. – New York Times

    Miami cops shoot Moncler Outlet unarmed behavioral therapist

    Another day, another unjustified police shooting in America. This time, the victim had his hands raised and even yelled out to police that his companion, an autistic man who he was taking care of, only had a toy truck in his hands and that there was no need for guns. Yet he was still shot, and of course he was black. – Washington Post

    Snowden helps design?spy-proof phone Moncler case

    Edward Snowden and Andrew Bunnie Huang have teamed up to create a phone case that shows when youre being monitored by people you probably wouldnt approve of. Dubbed the Introspection Engine, the device can show when a phones cellular, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection is being used to share or receive data. This could be state spy agencies, or even hackers. So far its only at the conceptual phase and not ready to hit the market,a and maybe it never will be. What Snowden is really trying to do is make people question the importance of privacy and how their phone may compromise it.?– The Guardian

    VHS production to be discontinued, finally

    Did you know that some 750,000 VHS units were sold last year? Bizarre, aint it? Well, the company that manufactures them is finally going to discontinue production, something most people probably assume of having happened long ago – nope, but the Betamax was only killed off last year, so these decisions obviously arent made hastily. – BBC News

    NBA moves 2017 All-Star Game from North Carolina over LGBT law

    Standing in solidarity with North Carolinas LGBT population over a law that blocks trans people from using the bathroom they most identify with, the NBA has decided to move the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, North Carolina. Its an unusual move in the world of sports, where owners, players, organizations and teams are afraid of wading into the political debate, lest they alienate any potential cash cows. – CNN

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