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    • CommentAuthorquangongzi
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2016 edited

    Every cycle of nature is full of endless charm, spring is so come, so almost forget today is "3.12 Arbor Day." Through this activity, the state encourages people to love forests and afforestation, to raise their awareness of forest function, to promote greening of the land, to forest protection and forest resources, and to improve the ecological environment.

    Global climate is constantly changing, I believe this is well known, but really aware of this or can really "people-oriented" how many can !? Floor, especially the laminate flooring, in the initial problem because of formaldehyde plagued Countless families, with the development of science and technology, formaldehyde has been completely controlled in the absolute safety of the range, while another home improvement "gentle killer" has also been slowly found - benzene.

    Benzene is a colorless liquid with an aromatic odor. Benzene was used in aftershave water from the 19th to the 20th centuries because of its fragrant smell. Now, benzene is widely used in industry, mainly for the dye industry, pesticide production and perfume production, benzene and as a solvent and adhesive used in making paint, paint, pharmaceutical, footwear and benzene processing industry, furniture manufacturing industry Wait.

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