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    • CommentAuthorquangongzi
    • CommentTimeDec 9th 2016 edited

    The custom-built household theme that creates first only house, exhibit an area to exceed 10 thousand square metre, for southwest the largest custom-built home is resided only house,garage floor modern maintenance free include Di Anmu, beautiful Buddhist nun ginseng of company of famous and custom-built furniture exhibits the home such as the United States.

    Custom-built how to undertake? See in spot reporter, consumer can be on system of computer of inn of furniture company door the figure that oneself choose furniture, tonal,cost of temporary flooring over lawn pass VR(virtual reality next) the furniture that the system looks a design to go out the effect inside the room, after satisfaction but the sheet below the spot, order delivers a plant, the furniture of an individuation will start production.

    Custom-built change production to ask to software system is made prop up, this also takes internal heat relevant software company. Disclose according to controller of company of wildlife railing panels a science and technology, make a whole scene custom-built, reveal, back end accepts the order, deserve to send a system, the price exceeds 500 thousand yuan.

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