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    • CommentAuthorquangongzi
    • CommentTimeDec 9th 2016 edited

    Colorful trim brick which is a very unique wall brick, far look like a Mosaic of enlarged, but in fact is 95 cm by 95 cm pieces of colorful wall brick collage. According to merchants plastic deck railing systems pricing , this brick for trimming of glazed pottery, so the surface bright, quadrilateral is not smooth, mainly highlight the effect of nature.

    In red, blue, yellow, green, and white pattern, the pattern of red to join more added contrast sense of joy, and green and white collocation can directly show the appearance of pure and fresh and free from vulgarity Composite Porch Flooring Problems . The wall brick can undertake collocation by consumer choose and buy any colors.

    2005 furniture and adorn article will return to nature, natural non skid surface material , environmental protection, elegant and modern four design elements.

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