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    • CommentAuthorfifa100
    • CommentTimeSep 11th 2015
    As we all know, the left back situation is a little bit disappointing in this years FIFA in the Serie A. Trying to save for Armero, I gave Evra a go. Been using him in over 70 games as far, and I haven't been disappointed. I used the shadow chemistry style on him (+3 pace, +3 defending). Let's get right down to it!FUT 16 Coins

    79 Pace - Now this is an understatement of the year for me. I find him really quick, he catches most attackers with ease. He feels more like 83-85 pace to me. More than enough, but not silly fast. Him being able to catch up to defenders might be due to his high aggression or moderate strength, but it's still very good.Buy FIFA 16 Coins

    77 Dribbling - Surprisingly good for a defender. Good at holding the ball and turning around, creating space for a pass or even a dribble.

    51 Shooting - Haven't had the chance to shoot towards goal with him yet, since he always shoots wide.

    79 Defending - His best attribute. The interceptions, aggression and great tackles make him a serious threat against the strongest of attackers. His defending, physicality and pace all combined make him one of the most complete players in the game.

    71 Passing - Good enough, nothing to complain about.

    78 Physicality - Again, he has moderately good strength, great aggression and tackles. All this together make him a very solid defender. And a complete one at that.

    I decided to give him a 9/10 rating, because he COULD be faster and stronger, but the world wouldn't be an exciting place if we always got exactly what we wanted, now would it? Thanks for reading, and please, don't be afraid to drop a comment or a question in the section below! Thank you!Cheapest FIFA 16 Coins
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    • CommentAuthorjackharry
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2020
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