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    • CommentAuthorquangongzi
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2016 edited

    Our enterprise has formed 4 teams worldwide recruiting lawyers responding, responding to the total cost of more than $8 million, the three major domestic giants Dekor, Sichuan Shengda,types of wood plastic siding villinger for first team members. 5 months ago, USITC made the preliminary ruling, that does not constitute infringement.

    It is reported that Dekor, Sichuan Shengda, villinger 3 wooden floor by a giant Germany 40 years ago the failure of floor lock technology (commonly known as the "arc button"),anti-fungus lumber for use fence hired American flooring experts and two Chicago engineering company, according to the principle of detour to design a new product.

    The final effect: the existing enterprises suffered back after the preliminary ruling, the Holland Unilin company instead pointed out that in the complaint, "arc buckle three patent patent is still included in the company's prosecution within. USITC recently ruled that 38 global companies in the United States sued the sales floor,garden landscape pergola including the establishment of patent infringement, Dekor Shengda and Filin Geer China 18 floor enterprise lost. Open the news, the final results were announced at the same time, USITC also issued a general exclusion order, the U. S.

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