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    When we lay the floor will be used when the floor glue, and why? If we just laying the floor, rather than the use of plastic flooring, then the floor will definitely not laying solid, that is, floor glue to connect each floor, and the They are closely linked together, also will strengthen the service life of the floor.Composite Vs Wood Porch Flooring

    But if we want to change the floor, then it would be in trouble. Then the floor glue how to clean it, what are the shortcomings of the plastic floor? Here we look at the specific content of it.Beauty and Durability Synthetic Teak Decking

    How to clean the floor glue

    1, with paper towels or rag stained with some alcohol (preferably with industrial alcohol, or else to make do with medical) wipe, and then rub a few to clean.

    2, with acetone can be.Waterproof Decking Material Options The use of small and thorough, the best is that it can very quickly very easy to remove these residual gum, better than the sprinkle fine.

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