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    • CommentAuthorquangongzi
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2016 edited

    Note the point of saving money to buy tiles Currently on the market a lot of tile brands, especially the polished tile has become the first choice for the laying of the living room, especially the duplex plastic extrudates structure of the house, generally the bottom floor polished tiles. First of all there is a conceptual problem, many students believe that we must choose the brand, because the quality is good, but the price is also hot ah.

    After all, the tile brands on the market today, although many, but basically the same color varieties, even if there is a new brand of a tile, welcomed by everyone, not long before other brands of tiles will be a lot of imitation, to be honest, tile The process is like this, {HotTag} sintered kaolin, put some less clay, the hardness is higher, the quality is better. Purchasing tiles must wpc accessories fence post cap take a more pragmatic strategy, shop on the wall and the ground, the surface is not a trademark, even if there is a little vanity in the mischief, then, that is, buy it back in the moment, the real shop in the ground After the wall, in the end how many people know it.

    In addition to the kitchen stickers also have a seamless brick-saving tips, under the cabinet and behind, no matter how good the tiles are no good, as long as the money to buy some money to deal with the tile floor to keep the ground surface flat, , Why spend more money wasted. (In fact, do not paste is also decking costs per metre square very good to save money enough to pay for sand cement and labor costs) kitchen is best not to shop matt or semi-Asian, easy to smoke, clean a lot of trouble.

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