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    • CommentAuthorquangongzi
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2016 edited

    "The supervision of wood products is not only in the export of the time before, in fact, from the time of felling of wood, has begun to carry out the." Plant quarantine supervision of wood fence in manila philippines the person in charge of supervision, said that from the trees down to the processing of the use of paint, plastic, etc.

    must produce a certain certificate, to smooth through the inspection. For example, pure solid wood furniture, formaldehyde, paint and other projects need to go through the inspection,composite interlocking deck boards products exported to EU countries need to through the heavy metals, such as microbial detection, some developed countries have begun to require some furniture for forest certification.

    Similarly, the import of wood products have to undergo a rigorous testing before they can enter the market circulation. According to statistics, the first half of the Yantai Bureau of smooth composite decking boards substandard imported wood packaging in 585 batches, the detection rate increased by 10 percentage points. They also said that the domestic price of Philippines because of various reasons are not reliable, such as statistical methods of price information, etc.

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