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    st implement a new marketing strategy, the most fundamental is to find new markets, production capacity will quickly translate into sales , Adjust the product structure and development direction, enhance product and brand value. Through the scale of independent production, to ensure that the cost, quality and price of a reasonable proportion, so the product in the 34 market is very competitive in 5.1 during the rapid growth of sales to prove this point, the larger the updated market, no doubt For the flooring industry to highlight the tight encirclement brought hope. Focus on the flooring industry restructuring and integration is the only way for enterprise development At present, some enterprises have been listed, and some companies doing pre-IPO preparations; many companies from the pre

    vious single product multi-brand vertical development to today's multi- Doors, closet doors, cabinets, tiles, and so wood products category and non-wood products have become our business floor of the project. This represents a development trend, to attract entrepreneurs attaches great importance to; enterprises to a certain extent, the vast majority of enterprises will face the problem of shortage of funds, and the introduction of public funds, the not only brought about by management The formalization and financial issues to solve, there are also due to the abundant capital and brand awareness quickly started, rising sales, brought about by the strength of enterprises to enhance the rapid horizontal and vertical expansion to fill other industry sectors The lack of well-known brands of great benefit

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