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    only the substrate for the relatively dense wood floor, to ensure long-term at high temperatures without cracking, cheapest composite fence India no deformation. Second, the fear of wet environment that is swelling thickness of water absorption. Floor heating requirements for hydrothermal ground radiant heating require small dimensional changes in high-humidity conditions with an expansion rate of less than or equal to 2.5%. In general, the smaller the expansion rate, the better the moisture resistance of the floor. Third, the formaldehyde emission can not exceed the requirements In the long heating conditions, composite deck tiles compare formaldehyde emission will not exceed the standard. Consumers choose geothermal floor, be sure to choose the floor as low formaldehyde content, because the higher the temperature, the more formaldehyde emission, in a relatively closed room, coupled with other indoor items caused by formaldehyde release, indoor formaldehyde May be excessive, causing harm to the human body. Fourth, the heat transfer to the current market can provide thermal conductivity of the brand is not much, consumers should pay attention when buying.

    The general coefficient of high thermal conductivity products in better performance. Fifth, the best plastic deck paint not afraid of high temperature Due to the geothermal floor to be a long time to withstand high temperature heating, decorative products require stable performance, in the long high temperature conditions will not fade, the phenomenon of roughness. Question two geothermal floor how to pavement? Answer: First, the ground before the installation to be careful to ground in two meters radius must be level, the difference between the height of not more than 3mm. Ground to be completely dry, laying the floor, must be geothermal heating test, the floor material through the cushion material close to the ground, buy composite deck cheap Puerto Rico there is no gap between the floor and the surface, and between the floor to set aside a greater contraction gap. Due to the release of water and heat radiation heat tidal volume, so moisture to work hard and must be sealed with a good tape.

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