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    Geothermal floor because the standard thickness of 6.5 ~ 8.5mm, Supplier In Dubai For Wpc Decking Profile the composite The thickness of the floor is mostly 6 ~ 9mm, including laminate flooring mostly 6 ~ 8mm, three-layer parquet 8 ~ 9mm, better heat transfer performance, and its surface has a layer of aluminum oxide wear layer, the Wear-resistant layer is conducive to the rapid spread of heat on the surface. The general thickness of solid wood flooring in the 2cm or so, the installation also hit the keel, used as a floor to the ground, the floor and the ground between the air, air and wood are very low thermal conductivity, Patio Lumber Alternatives Iceland so heat is not easy to conduct to the surface, Of the waste, the surface temperature is uneven, the temperature difference is obvious. And the composite floor is pressed through high temperature, the internal moisture content is very small, so the floor will not be lost because of the deformation of water. Multi-layer parquet floor each staggered.

    to contain each other, the back there is a dense anti-deformation groove, decomposition of the heating surface of the stress, so the deformation is small. Solid wood flooring water content is high, in the case of long-term high temperature heating, easy to crack deformation. If you have to use ordinary solid wood flooring, then, should try to use the back of the track layer of the floor, because it can moisture moisture, and can keep the wood moisture content and the surrounding environment, moisture balance. Excellent Wood Flooring Material For Terrace The experts believe that the choice of geothermal floor, should be based on the specificity of geothermal heating to decide; to adapt to repeated changes in heat and heat and conducive to heat transfer. In the same environment, the solid wood flooring flooring deformation of a large amount of strengthening, strengthening the floor more wooden floor deformation. In addition, the best should also meet the following points: First, the dimensional stability of the better This depends on the floor of the substrate density and internal bonding strength, the higher the strength of the bond, Indoor Wall Panels Decorative Luxury indicating that the floor to withstand the temperature change ability better, and will not happen Cracking and other phenomena.

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