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    • CommentAuthorquangongzi
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2016 edited

    the film is prone to damage, formaldehyde and other harmful substances will be released, a family hidden "timing." Now the building materials market, many of the name of the sale of pollution prevention and decoration, formaldehyde removal how to wood effect in plastic material products in fact the vast majority of the 'surface sealant' rather than 'decomposition agent', can only be temporarily wrapped in formaldehyde and other release sources in the plate, is simply 'Timing'.

    and the corresponding is that outdoor furniture composite decking in many building materials stores checkout, a variety of Chinese foreign language packaging, under the banner of high-tech formaldehyde sprayed a spirit, capture agent, decomposers and other decoration pollution products everywhere, consumption In the process of waiting for payment can be readily available.

    It is understood that the formaldehyde a spray-ling and other cover-up products is the principle of brushing in the Daxin Ban, furniture and other surfaces to form a layer of coating, the formaldehyde and other harmful substances temporary Formaldehyde and other Veranda Decking Price,Veranda Decking Exporters,Outdoor Decking Wholesaleharmful substances will be released, as the family hidden 'time .In general, the release of formaldehyde in man-made sheet for up to 15 years.

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