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    • CommentAuthorlarabayusa
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2020
    I am a mature settled and attractive ourtime login Southern woman in Alabama, who would prefer a man somewhat younger than myself. It seems they are not as cynical, ourtime member login bitter and loaded with baggage. They still have hopeful outlooks. Older men do not like my independence, strenth and outspokeness. They think ourtime member sign females should remain silent, the man controls and some of them are very stingy.I do not intend to be unkind, I am only relaying facts that have happened to myself and my friends.

    I am a youthful thinking, acting, take care of ourtime member sign in myself and have a positive outlook for love and romance with a man of substance and character. Anyone care to share your opinion or any younger male interested in a Southern login ourtime female.It is easy for us (humans) to stereotype others. We all commit the error at one time or another (including myself) so I certainly don't fault you for lumping all of us older men into a cynical, login bitter, loaded-with-baggage category.

    There are lots of younger men who are still in a decades-long process of learning how to be men of substance and character. ourtime sign in I compliment you on your positive outlook and youthfulness. However, I doubt that most older men as a group expect women to be silent or resent strength, independence and outspokeness. All of these things are traits ourtime com dating login common to both men and women. Some traits are positive and some are negative.
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