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    A breast implant surgery is a type of breast augmentation surgery that helps to enhance the breast shape to achieve a more defined feminine appearance. Breast augmentation surgery provides with more proportionate breast shape in proportion with the body. In this procedure, the breast implants are placed under the chest muscle of the breast to get the desired shape. The breast implant surgery in Hyderabad is performed by Dushyanth Kalva, an experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeon. Many times, fat is also grafted to achieve the best results for desired breast shape. With breast augmentation, one can get back their ideal breast shape back, which is lost due to breastfeeding, aging, gravity, excessive weight loss, pregnancy or some disease. The breast augmentation in Hyderabad surgery is performed by an expert and experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Dushyanth Kalva at Inform Clinics. To know more about this treatment, visit today.
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