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    Right when firefox freezes hangs, it stops responding to your snaps and keystrokes and doesn't have every one of the reserves of being achieving something. In like manner, a "(Not Responding)" name is appeared inside the title bar and besides the mouse pointer transforms into a turning machine once it's over the firefox freezes window. this substance offers you answers for firefox freezes hangs figuring on once they happen.

    If firefox freezes use piles of workstation resources, see the courses of action foreseen in firefox freezes uses an absurd proportion of memory or CPU resources - a way to deal with fix.

    If you get a "Notice: Unresponsive substance" brief, see Warning Unresponsive substance - What it infers that and the best way to deal with fixing it.

    If firefox freezes close shockingly, see firefox freezes crashes - Troubleshoot, stop and get support fixing crashes.

    To decide hanging issues not unequivocally referenced during this article, or if the recommended game plans don't handle the have any kind of effect, see Troubleshoot and break down firefox freezes issues.
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