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    • CommentAuthoralpha
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2016

    Being that the HR’s core abilities are DEX and WIS, the neverwinter astral diamonds best choice for race would be a Dragonborn for the +2 in any base roll stat which you would put neverwinter diamonds into DEX and WIS. You’ll also get +3% to your power and critical strike, and 5% more healing from all spells and abilities.
    If you cant afford the Dragonborn race the Wood Elf would be a close second in my opinion, which is what I chose being I prefer the appearance of the Wood Elf over the Dragonborn. As a Wood Elf you get a +2 to DEX and WIS. Along with a 1% higher crit.
    You could also choose Drow for the Dark Fire ability which will give you a 5% chance to reduce the the target’s Defense by 10%, along with +2 DEX/WIS
    Base Stat Rolls

    In my opinion DEX and WIS are important to the PvE HR so i rolled a 18 DEX and 18 WIS which of course is after you add your +2 to each. Add +1 to DEX and WIS every 10 levels.

    At wills: Hunter’s Teamwork/Rapid Shot
    Encounters: Constricting Arrow/Cordon of Arrows/Fox’s Cunning
    Dailies: Seismic Shot/Forest Ghost
    Personal’s: Aspect of the Serpent/Aspect of the Lone Wolf (You could also use Crushing Roots Instead of Lone wolf for a little more crowd control)

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