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    • CommentAuthorgarylc
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2016

    The flower can be removed by stepping on it, but you will get binded (can be dispel with SS or spin for destroyer) and poisoned for 30sec (each tick 2000+ dmg, can be removed Blade and Soul items with antidote). Stepping on the flower also grants invincibility to the Force Grab skill and MP regen buff. When the boss absorb the flowers, he will heal himself according to the amount he absorb. So, the party members must step on all flowers to prevent this.

    Infinity Sword Mode

    After the boss reaches 50% HP, he will not use Normal Attack mode anymore. He will randomly BNS gold adopt either Flame or Ice Attack Mode only. The party members need to act according based on the color of the sword on his back after he teleports to the middle.  Blade and Soul NA Flower of Life will still be summoned periodically, in shorter interval than before and without any notifications. All flowers need to be remove before the boss use the suction skill at the end of ice/fire mode.

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