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    • CommentAuthorgarylc
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2016

    Lightning Pierce (F)

    Tier 2 Stage 3

    StageWe need to increase the DPS to pass the copy, if your DPS is low, then you can buy some of the Blade and Soul gold legit powerful themselves, and then relaxed by this dungeon!3 Lightning Pierce is for stealth play style. Enemy which is stunned, dazed, Seized, blade and soul gold for sale Phantom Gripped receives additional thunder damage. It also reduces the cooldown of Lightning Rod (4) by 3 sec, or reduce the cooldown by 5 sec if enemies have 5 stacks poison.

    Shadow Dance (Q)

    Tier 2 Stage 1

    Shadow Dance is basically a damage resist skill. It allows you to move behind the enemies; Blade and Soul tips and tricks on successful resist, the user will enter stealth stance. The next Heart Stab is guaranteed to deal critical hit on resist. It recovers 6 chi upon successful resist.

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