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    • CommentAuthorgarylc
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2016

    Venom Slash (3)

    Tier 5 Stage 4 (Hongmoon skill)

    Venom Slash Blade & Soul Gold For Sale On is an overlapping skill that shares the same hotkey as Shadow Slash. It is a dark element, and the cooldown is 12sec. The activation requirement is to use your right and flash step on success resist; can also be triggered when Heart Stab (RB) deals critical hit. Normal hit on Venom Slash will stack 1 poison. If the first Venom Slash deals critical hit, it can be used 1 more time. This allows you to Blade and Soul gold stacks 2 x poison on enemy.

    Note: This skill is one of your poison stack skill.

    Poison Breath (4)

    Tier 3 Stage 1

    Poison Breath (Blow Poison) is a front aoe skill. It deal 5 times damage and the element is Blade and Soul Gold NA-Iksanun dark. Normal hit stacks 1 poison; it stacks 2 poison on critical hit. Basically, one blow on the enemies will give 5 stacks of poison. It also will heal the user HP equal to 50% of the damage dealt. And the cooldown is 45sec. It is a must to have for PVE.

    Note: This skill is one of your poison stack skill.

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