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    • CommentAuthorgarylc
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2016

    List of Resist/Block/Parry Skills

    Damage resist or i-frame skills are skills which allows you to resist any skills buy blade and soul items from your enemies (unless the skill is meant to kill you definitely). When it is used successfully, you would see a “white shadow” following your skill animation when you are about to get hit.

    I-frame skills should be distinguished from Parry or Block. This is because many boss skills cannot be blocked or parried, but can be i-framed.  Using the right skill at the right time is critical to ensure your survival. On the other hand, certain boss mechanics requires one to use Block or Parry skills, and NOT i-frame skill.  cheap blade & soul gold Knowing the difference between the two is very critical.


    •  Searing Strike (C)

    •  Fury / Persistence (E)

    •  Typhoon (Q) – Stage 2/3

    •  Backstep (SS)

    •  Gust (TAB) – only can be used when you are under status effect

    •  Ram (2) – Stage 1/2

    •  Blitz (1) – Stage 3

    •  Power Slam (Z) – Stage buy BNS items 1


    •  Stone Shield (V)


    •  Hurricane (TAB) – Stage 3

    Cleave (RB) Tier 5 Stage 3

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