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    • CommentAuthorgarylc
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2016

    Stealth play style

    Some skills needed to Blade and Soul Gold NA-Master Hong change or added. Below are the skills you need to spec or add point.

    Sneak Attack (X) Tier 2 Stage 2: it grants you the ability to reset your Hook Kick on critical hit

    Shadow Drain (1) Tier 2 Stage 3: this skill increases stealth duration by 6 sec when used on enemies with poison stack.

    Lightning Rod (4) Tier 3 Stage: please refer to skill guide.

    Lightning Pierce (F) Tier 2 Stage 3: please refer to skill guide.

    Stealth Combo

    Press (4) Poison Breath Best Bns Gold Store to stacks 5 times poison→ (Tab)If you figured off this underground city, you need to Soul Shield. Because he can enhance your property!Hook Kick to enter stealth→ (RB + F + 4) until the stealth left 2 sec duration→ (1) to refresh the duration back to 6 sec→  (RB + F + 4) until the stealth left 3 sec duration → (X) throw Throwing Dagger→ (LB) Spinal Tap→ (X) Sneak Attack to refresh Hook Kick. Repeat

    (4)→ (Tab)→  (RB + F + 4)→ (1)→ (RB + F + 4)→(X)→ (LB)→ (X) Repeat.

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