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    • CommentAuthorgenghao
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2016
    In the clothing store display decoration design, in order to achieve good results, in addition to the lights, decorations, props and other factors, there is a key element of Nike Air Max 1 Womens this is the color matching. Color is the most intense feeling, so well studied and proper use of color, in store planning is essential, can often surprise.
    A color function
    Help complete the vision plan;
    Expression clothing store space design and decor;
    The whole atmosphere clothing store coordination;
    The overall design is unified, finishing it consistent functionality;
    Different content and purpose of distinguishing features.
    Color of the item depends on the impact of its inherent color and light, and therefore color product also has a great relationship with lighting
    Second, the role of color
    1, Hue emotional role
    Different colors will make people have different feelings, warm colors will produce warm, bright, lively feel, etc., cool colors will give rise serene, calm, steady, and other negative feelings.
    Furthermore, the use of color in terms of habits, some color with a warm, cheerful atmosphere, some colors belong to passive, indifferent. It will differ depending on the customs and habits of these differences, and therefore in the development of color scheme, it should be noted and utilized.
    2, the role of the feelings of lightness
    That is clear and high bright color will look lively, brisk, with a clear characteristics, low brightness of the color that is dark, then it gives rise to quiet, stable Nike Air Huarache Mens feeling, and well-being of similar color, when the color to be displayed according to the purpose rational use.
    3, the role of pure emotion
    That difference in the purity of the color saturation, or purity will cause plain gorgeous different feeling, in general, low purity of color will have a sense of simplicity and elegance of style, and vice versa feel gorgeous and warm.
    Third, the color of the atmosphere to create
    Color design first is service to create a store atmosphere, and the color can do this, is that it's perceptual characteristics and rich expression.
    People of color are very sensitive to the store, the color gives the feeling are:
    1, a sense of sense of volume and weight
    Gorgeous colors or deep, can strengthen a sense of sense of volume and weight of the store, when the wall has a 1/3 heavy color will stabilize and Nike Roshe Run Mesh solemn, more suitable and dignified, solemn apparel goods stores.
    Stable color perception allows customers peace of mind to buy, it should be noted that: Colour ceilings, walls, floors best with shades, stores will look vibrant and not make people feel depressed. In color with a sense of volume and weight of feeling for decoration for men's clothing store hand.
    2, excitement
    Dark warm colors, is one of the causes of excitement, such as: red tablecloth, wall, make the store seem warm, stimulating, to stimulate the enthusiasm of customers, make quick shopping. Generally, however, the store is not suitable for the use of the same color.
    3, quiet
    In order to store Presenting tranquil ambience and extend the residence time of the customer, you should choose neutral colors or cool colors in warm colors of low saturation.
    In addition, Nike Free 5.0 Mens the color symbolism can also be utilized to make it play a role in the performance of a particular meaning.
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