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    • CommentAuthorrs3gold11
    • CommentTimeJan 13th 2018
    Trenton <a href="" title="wow gold"><strong>buy wow gold</strong></a> Oldfield will be allowed to stay in the United Kingdom after an immigration tribunal judge said the activist had made a positive contribution to British society. The tribunal heard that if Mr Oldfield had been deported his British wife, Deepa Naik, and their five month old baby daughter wouldn't have moved to Australia with him because it was a "racist country". "Australia is a particularly racist country," Mr Oldfield said, explaining that his wife had never visited Australia and couldn't live there because some Indians in the community had suffered violent racist attacks. There was also everyday "passive water cooler racism", he said.</p>
    <p>American and British spies are infiltrating the online worlds of Second Life and World of Warcraft over fears terrorists could be communicating there, documents leaked by Edward Snowden show.</p>
    <p>A Chinese farmer with five kids drank a fatal dose of poison after officials seized his family's annual food supply for violating the one child policy.</p>
    <p>North Korea has accused Kim Jong un's uncle of being a drug taking, corrupt womaniser after he was purged from the leadership ranks.</p>

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