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    • CommentAuthorhhm1020
    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2016

    Summer is always accompanied by the sun and rain. This weather for home flooring, wood flooring also brings a severe test. Heat and humidity are the wooden floor "natural enemies", can easily cause deformation, cracking and fading. Thus, in the summer, the owners of the home wood floor care to be extra cored.

    Water vapor is the enemy of wood flooring, even the best wood water absorption, can not withstand long-term contact with water, and even affect the life of the floor. Therefore, in the heat of summer, moisture moisture must be timely.

    Room humidity is too high, it will lead to the occurrence of irregular floor expansion, thereby causing warped deformation. Although qualified floor snake is not likely, but in the hot and humid environment, like a wooden keel, flooding areas, etc., or prone to pests, affecting the life of the floor. When the indoor temperature and humidity appropriate time, a large number of breeding bacteria, leading to the floor mildew.

    Alternating wet and dry summer weather, we need to always open the window ventilation, adjust the indoor temperature and humidity. Especially in the long-vacant room, wood floors are more susceptible to excessive moisture, resulting in bagging, curling and other phenomena, the need for regular inspection and ventilation. Excessive moisture in the house, you can also use charcoal, dehumidifiers, moisture-proof film to reduce indoor humidity. In addition, the summer must pay attention to mopping water control, general cleaning use a dry cloth to complete as much as possible, regular care waxing, mopping the floor clean water if you must, then have time to open the doors and windows and let water stains on the floor as soon as possible and dried dehumidifying air conditioning available when necessary.

    In case moldy wood floor, only a small area with a soft cloth dipped in 1: 3 water to wipe the bleach, bleach should be noted that the concentration of water is not too high, so as not to cause the floor to fade. However, if the moldy floor topical or internal, we need to be professionals moldy floor replacement, and add a good moisture barrier.

    The heat of summer, the owners will go out to their attention applying sunscreen to prevent sunburn, not knowing that the wood floor at home, like us, need sun protection. In the heat exposure, the wood floor is easy shrink the gap increases. Long-term direct sunlight, especially near the balcony window of the ground, it will cause the floor cracking, peeling paint, and so on.

    Thus, at midday, when appropriate pull the curtains were blocked to avoid exposure to the floor because of the damage. Summer floor also needs to cool indoor ventilation should always open the window and use the air conditioning and other cooling means, to prevent deformation of the floor caused by high temperature. But the air conditioning as much as possible not to blow directly against the floor, otherwise it will increase the floor moisture loss. Experiencing continued fine and hot hot, the air can become very dry, this time on the need to adopt a number of approaches to the indoor humidity to prevent moisture loss caused by floor from cracks, cracks and other phenomena.

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