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    • CommentAuthorzifathy
    • CommentTimeMar 10th 2016
    If an enemy casts a skill, and you stealth, you will still get hit by the skill long after you have stealthed,and your stealth will break, And what actually does staying in stealth for ages do for you? Other people die of boredome or some shyt? Autoattacking while in stealth isn't feasible because it shows the hit animation even tho you are "invisible".People move away, gg.

    I played rogue from beginning in wow and same thing happened .. just because we live off burst damage people don't like rogues..i stopped playing wow when the devs made it so you could only make your rogue good in one build.. not overpowering, not top of the dps just average rogues.I do hope this game gives me something diffrent i used to enjoy rogue types in all games but these days..rogues get no love only bats ..alot of nerf bats.If you would like to buy some Neverwinter Astral Diamond or Neverwinter Gold, you are welcome to buy some from us now.

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