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    • CommentAuthorplayerhot
    • CommentTimeMar 10th 2016
    The updated level forty five dungeon Bloodshade Harbor has been free. combat the Blackram Pirate leader himself - Admiral Hae Mujin - during this new end-game dungeon obtainable for each 6- and 4-player parties, or because the 24-player ligneous plant Harbor.

    The location is close to the Poharan dungeon. There area unit a series of necessity quests. And in fact you'll enter through F8. once it involves the 4- and 6 buy bns gold player versions of Bloodshade Harbor, you need to find out how to Wall Dash.

    More powerful weapon is rewarded as a drop. There are Soul Shields and therefore the latest version of primary reward - Hae Mujin’s masculinity.
    BY playerhot online team center! Well done as BNS game now...... come on!
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