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    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2017 edited

    one is the use of silver ion antibacterial technology, this technology is harmless to the human body by adding silver ions in some nanoscale materials, and then added to the surface of the floor Wear layer, with the use of the floor, silver ions are released slowly and in contact.

    with the bacteria in the air reaction and photocatalytic reactions, thereby undermining the bacterial growth and its death. The other is the use of photocatalytic antibacterial technology, the main component of the photocatalyst is nano-titanium dioxide, by absorbing ultraviolet light in a state of high energy,

    and the high energy passed to the reactants to make it react chemically, play a role in inhibiting airborne Bacteria, mold, dust mites purposes. In addition, there are antibacterial silver ion composite technology, in addition to nano-antibacterial or use four-needle zinc oxide whisker antibacterial technology and so on.

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