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    I have a need to drive 16 common cathode displays with Arduino. The segment pins can be driven by common leads, but I need all 16 digits to be enabled individually, so a 7219 wont work. Is there a similar chip that can drive 16 separate digits like this?

    The reason is that I have a PCB for the Airbus A320 FCU display section that is designed to work with the original non-Arduino board and don't have the skills to redesign it to use 7219 or similar (wish I did). the PCB has common traces for the segments, but 16 separate pins and traces, one for each display.

    This is to emulate the function of another board, not related to Arduino. This board has leads for the segments, and then 16 leads to drive each display. It interfaces with 2 other boards back towards a PC using USB as the interface. I want to try and avoid the cost of all of these boards.

    Thank You!!!

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