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See What Show week of 21 November 2007. It’s a family movie, a gore movie and a cartoon but not really. We take a look at Enchanted, Saw IV and Beowulf!

Listen to specific reviews:
Part 1: Enchanted

Part 2: Saw IV

Part 3: Beowulf

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Show notes for week of 21 November 2007:
00:48 - What’s Showing This Week - The Kingdom, Lust, Caution and Fred Claus

04:12 - Enchanted IMDB


09:58 - Saw IV IMDB

Saw IV

14:52 - Beowulf IMDB


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Reader Comments

Hello, See what show!

For Beowulf:

mrbrown probably means 2nd _CENTURY_ AD, as mentioned by Ptolemy, according to Wikipedia, and not 2nd AD (that’s 100s of years of difference!), which would have been only 3 years away, anyway, from 2nd (year) BC (there is no 0 BC or AD).

It seems that sympathy is encouraged for Grendel here, who did his monstrosities because he was tormented by noise pollution.

Hrothgar is pronounced in the movie, with a silent h.
Anthony Hopkins was great here, yes, but the king was an escapist.

Crispin Glover, who acts as Grendel, was also Marty McFly’s nerdy father, in Robert Zemeckis’ earlier hit trilogy Back to the Future, starring Michael J Fox.

Brangelina (Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie) seem to be in trouble getting along these days.
Angelina’s Germanic-sounding accent here was curious.
In this version, Grendel’s mother seems to be portrayed as an invincible kingmaker/breaker & son-maker who lets them die.

And the golden son towards the end, is way cool CG cum acting.
The siege warfare! And the heart!

And what about loyal (or cowardly, depending on your point of view) Wiglaf, whom in another life was Mad Eye Moody of Harry Potter?
Did he, too, fail & fall at the end?

Thanks so much for the detailed info!

However, I am not sure I’m so keen on the “cool CG cum acting”.


BeoWulf kind of reminds me of an old web-based game which My friends and I played 7 years ago, Grendel’s Cave. one of my friends even killed grendel and received an Ang Moh Sized T-shirt saying “I have slain Grendel”. I remember that they even gave out money for killing Grendel in a harder mode.