See What Show: Fur: the Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus, the Simpsons Movie and Elizabeth I


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See What Show, week of 31 July 2007. It’s the all-girls edition! We review Fur: the Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus, the Simpsons Movie and Elizabeth I.

Listen to specific reviews:
Part 1: Fur: the Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

Part 2: The Simpsons Movie

Part 3: Elizabeth I

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Shownotes for week of 31st July 2007:
00:55 - What’s Showing This Week - Black Sheep, Gone Shopping and Alone

05:53 - Fur: the Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus IMDB


12:41 - The Simpsons Movie IMDB


17:35 - Elizabeth I IMDB Amazon


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Reader Comments

two girls hosting the show? woohoo

btw at 5 min 34sec into the podcast…that was hort!

thanks for reviewing Fur, i need to get my hands on that show now.

Hello Tammi!

A first with Movie Mama!


mrbrown should be pleased!

I don’t know much about Fur but doesn’t anyone thinks the review is excessively long? Somehow, I have the feeling of being rushed through the other 2 movie reviews.

Oh yah… not trying to be a prude here but I am under the impression that swearing is censored? Or it’s not? Just curious.

Tammi: Don’t worry. I still belong to one of the many who knew the conundrum of choosing between a rock and a hard case. In fact, I can’t stop laughing when I saw the trailer. Made up my mind to watch it based on that even!

Yeah it is..I kinda missed that one. Sorry! I took it out though. =)

Lol. Thank goodness someone else who understood that! I was so sad when I was the only one laughing in a full cinema. haha.

movie buff: only that it’s a hard place instead of case…

Oh yes… Thanks Johnny! Missed that one! Typing while thinking about lunch…hahah!

Hi all,

About The Simpsons movie credits:

This comes really late, like staying till the end, but that’s precisely my focus.

Thanks for Tammi’s tip about the credit thumbnails.
I just watched possibly one of the last weekday afternoon screenings ever, with a sprinkling of kids & adults.

There’re some hilarious titbits for those curious enough to hang on till the last, and most likely missed out by everyone else:

1) The Simpsons family watch the credits roll, and salute production crew & animals;

2) Maggis’s first words;

3) The Spiderpig opera piece;

4) The (borrowed) Springfield (disaster) anthem (that never was);

5) The assistant film manager’s lament at the very end.

And did anyone notice the beginning, with that kid bawling out part of 20th century Fox’s theme?

And Tammi, this time round, everyone did laugh at rock & hard place.