See What Show: Sunshine, The Reaping, and 30 Rock

30 Rock

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See What Show, week of 10 April 2007. Save the sun, explain the plagues and catch some rock on TV with us! We review Sunshine, The Reaping, and the new hit TV series, 30 Rock.

Listen to specific reviews:
Part 1: Sunshine

Part 2: The Reaping

Part 3: 30 Rock

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Show Notes for Week of 10 April 2007:

00:36 - What’s Showing This Week - Meet The Robinsons, Shooter, The Namesake.

03:31 - Sunshine (Movie) IMDB


08:57 - The Reaping (Movie) IMDB Amazon


13:51 - 30 Rock (TV) IMDB

30 Rock

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Reader Comments

I’ve watched The Reaping at the sneaks and I find the movie pretty enjoyable. It’s not truly a horror film as it’s not scary enough (IMO) but I believe it would make great for a thriller. Oh yah, the movie did reveal a second twist after the first one and it seems to have set itself up for a sequel (if any). Personally, I do find the choreography nicely done and some camera tricks done to enhance the movie experience innovative. Characterisation may be a little thin and the scripted dialogue REALLY seems scripted but all in all, I would still say this movie is entertaining to watch, despite MM’s comments.

To MM: I can’t remember the screensaver part you are referring to so I’m guessing it’s probably one of those signs sent from God (to tie in with the story and perhaps emphasise to the faithless Hilary that God IS “showering” the 10 plagues on Haven).

Movie Mama sound great as usual.

30 rock: Agree with mr brown a great show.

hola movie buff!

yeah the cinematography for the movie was of standard and i agree that the suspense was well built… until of course when the completely deflating revelations came! as for the screensaver bit.. we’ll talk after the next swshow about this. don’t wanna reveal any spoilers for those who haven’t watched the film yet.

but thankew for your feedback! should any of you want to discuss a movie in greater depth.. or talk c**k sing, just start a thread in the forums. i will drop by. ;)

eh darenotsay.. say leh! hah. ok lame. it’s 1am. forgive me, i’ma tired after a long day of femme fataling.. but thankew for your compliments and for listening to the show \m/