See What Show: Music and Lyrics, Blood Diamond and Curse of the Golden Flower

Blood Diamond 1

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We review Music and Lyrics, Blood Diamond and Curse of the Golden Flower. And a new segment, What’s Showing This Week, a quick and dirty look at current movies.

Show Notes for Week of 7 Mar 2007:
01:26 - What’s Showing This Week, quick looks at The Pursuit of Happyness, Ghost Rider and 300

04:47 - Music and Lyrics IMDB Amazon
Music & Lyrics

13:08 - Blood Diamond IMDB Amazon
Blood Diamond 2

20:49 - Curse of the Golden Flower IMDB Amazon
Curse of the Golden Flower

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Reader Comments

the other bubble-gum 80s sensation was Tiffany, of ‘I think we’re alone now’ and ‘love is blind’

THANK YOU! I still remember owning her cassette. Hahaha!

err… “Crouching Tiger” is by Lee Ang lah.

Steve, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was NOT by Zhang Yimou. It was by Ang Lee.

most welcome mb, glad to help =D

wahah.. confused!!

jeremy, shuyen, thanks for spotting my booboo

you are absolutely correct.. Ang Lee, Lee Ang, mr incredible hulk

*hides in corner in shame*

hehe, when MB was asking who’s Debbies, 80s pop rival, my mind went “ting! Tiffany!” And Antt beat to it! Glad to know there’s another 80s fan out there~
damit! i am old! ^_^

No worries. It happens

Not to mention, “Mr Brokeback Mountain”… :p

Oh yah, and thus it lives up to the claim: “Reviews by regular people, for regular people.”

It even comes with the common mistakes made by regular people…

On a side note, if Zhang had won an Oscar for best director, best picture or best foreign film previously, he would probably be directing some other flicks, like Lee doing Hulk and Brokeback.

Hi Ian, nah not old la, if your old, then im old too :P
i was born during the new wave and new romantics era and only got to listened to them in the 90s
the 80s was a great decade!

if u guys think ur old? then what’s brown? antique? *GRIN*

Antt: I ord just in 03.
Steve: Compare us to brown? you got to be kidding~
he’s like… the coolest father!~ ^_^
hehe, which brings to mind this quote from a famous movie:
~”We’re not worthy!!!”~W.W.1
can guess which movie? ^_^


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